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28 year old drummer from Chicago IL, with a style somewhere between progressive and sporadic while remaining conscious of dynamic and pocket. available for sessions, lessons, fill-in, touring, clinics

Self educated in the early years by a love of playing saxophone with other kids in an elementary school music program. toeknee began to explore independent music at the ripe age of 7 with help from a older friend’s local band. “From the day I owned my first real drum set, I did everything I could to play with as many different people/styles as I could find. Even if I didn’t fall in love with the music that I was asked to play, just to be able to communicate to others with instruments was such an amazing feeling” some current & past projects include (the concrete rootsinn cinema, big brother)

First exposed to music through his parents Classic Rock & Funk roots (with bands like Led Zeppelin, CTA, James Brown, Jackson 5) expressed an interest in percussion by pulling pots and pans out of cabinets and beating them before he could walk. "My parents bought me a Mickey Mouse drum set before i was 5, I think it took my dad longer to assemble it then it took me to bash it into you pieces"

Personalized lesson plans help you learn the things you want to learn & with almost 20 years of experience playing & having passion for all types of drums and world percussion I can show you practice methods you have not thought of yet. You can leave every lesson with an audio copy of what was accomplished and what homework might need to be done to help you excel faster than you ever thought possible.'

Endorsements/gear used
Yamaha acoustic & electric percussion
Remo drum heads
Vater sticks & mallets
Zildjian cymbals
Skb & protection racket drum cases & bags
also have a large array of new and vintage kits, cymbals and snare drums

+ Influences 
Dave Desenso, Mike Cosgrove, Keith Carlock, Steve Gadd, Matt Halburn, Abe Cunningham, John Blackwell, Jose Pasillas, Dave king, Danny Carey, Dave Weckl, Steve Smith, Nick Van Gelder, Stanton Moore, Thomas Haake
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